Krig I Hudik – KiH3 LP

Tajta jeans
Vakna för helvete
J.M. Nash
Drabbad av kris
Inge’ D-takt
Stabbing At The Concert

Den sanningssökande hunden
Bored With My Baby
Döden i orgasm
Hetsad att döda
Dada är dada


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Krig i Hudik was formed with the intent of re-recording tracks from punk bands that were active in the small town of Hudiksvall from 1976 and onwards. Songs that hadn’t been released on vinyl before, or were in need of bad craftsmanship restoration because the original versions sucked. Cultural appropiation at its best.

Members: Drajan-drums, Rolf Revålt-guitar, Lanchy-guitar, André Ass-bass and Poffen-voice (covering bands such as Totalitär, Missbrukarna, Brainbombs, Makabert Fynd and more.

Recorded by Mattis in Stockholm nov 2017, mixed and manhandled by Drajan. We moved fast in order to go for pizza and more beer as soon as we could, and found a frozen flattened rat on our way to the restaurant.

Thanks: Mattis, Skrammel and 0650.”

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